Durham has a dominant presence in the country and actually received a national accolade as the best place to visit. The city is filled with award-winning performing arts, thrilling nightlife, sports, outdoor adventures, unparalleled visual arts, shopping malls, natural scenery and historical sites to see and learn about. There is always something of interest you can find suited for you. Durham, North Carolina is bursting with unique and exciting activities to do and regardless of the experience you want, there will always be something for you.

Duke University Lemur Center

Outside Madagascar, the Lemur Center hosts the largest sanctuary of these endangered primates. It is a popular stop for visitors and families as they gain an in-depth appreciation of scientific discoveries and an understanding of biodiversity. This center concentrates on scholarship, research, and conservation as they assist protect this endangered animal. There are regular guided tours on offer that are usually fully booked way in advance. You need to plan well ahead for the habitat experience that will give you an interactive and intimate opportunity with the Lemurs. Slots are limited which is why you have to make the reservation quickly.

Bennet Place

This is a historic site that marked an end of the civil war in 1865. It was the location used by General Johnston and Major General Sherman to negotiate peace terms that effectively ended the Civil War in America. It was the biggest troop surrender of southern state armies in Georgia, Carolinas, and Florida. When you visit the place today, you will be treated to a short film about the area and its history in the theater as well as explore the gallery museum and historic structures. You can also catch a special re-enactment of the civil war and how it ended. This place is definitely for the history enthusiasts who want a trip back in time. It is open for visits with guided tours starting every hour.

Book tours and reservations early enough to make your schedule for the day run smoothly. With the various things you can do in Durham, there is no need to put yourself under pressure for nothing by waiting till the last minute. You won’t be able to enjoy your visit with overcrowding at sites and long queues that are quite a drag. Identify the places you want to visit and do an early consultation to reserve your slot. Don’t miss out on your likes; instead, make sure you are the forefront of the action.